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May 22, 2006   


Vikram comes to Mumbai

It isn't often that you see a south Indian film dubbed in Hindi hogging more than 100 screens in Maharashtra. Not often that you see the Mumbai press warming up to such a film. Not often that people from one side of the Vindhyas laugh at the jokes of a comedian from the other side. And not often that someone describes the star thus: "South se hai, handsome bhi hai."

The movie in question is Aparichit, the dubbed version of Tamil blockbuster Anniyan. The star -- Vikram, who owns lifetime bragging rights for arguably the most stunning comeback story Tamil cinema has ever known.

In Mumbai to promote the film, Vikram knew what he had to do, studied the environment he was immersed in, and sincerely gave it his all. "Initially, when told Anniyan was being dubbed in Hindi, I decided I would just go and see how it was. But, when I came to Mumbai and saw the kind of response, I was charged up. It suddenly looks larger than life now."

Text: Krishnakumar | Design: Uday Kuckian


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