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May 16, 2006   


Secrets of The Da Vinci Code

Audrey Tautou is going to be big. She can't not be, considering she is the star of what is 2006's most anticipated movie release -- The Da Vinci Code. Audrey plays Sophie Neveu, helping Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) crack the code.

Born in Beaumont, France on August 9, 1976, this 29-year old is set to have a couple of very exciting months before she turns 30.

We asked Tautou how it all happened, and what the filming was like. Excerpts from an interview.

When did you first hear about the novel The Da Vinci Code?

When it came out in France. In September 2004, I went to Mexico on vacation and took the novel with me. I found it well put together, very effective. Rather cinematic as well, in the way it's divided up. But, of course, I didn't know it was going to be adapted...

And how did you hear about the film?

In a rather surprising way. When I came back from my vacation, I went on a promotion tour for my film A Very Long Engagement in the US and Canada. And suddenly, in Toronto, all the journalists were congratulating me on being picked for The Da Vinci Code to be directed by Ron Howard! I was astonished. I kept telling them the truth -- that I didn't even know the film was in preparation and that I had never met Ron Howard -- nobody believed me.

After a short detour to Paris, I went back to Mexico for a few days. There, I got a telephone call from my agent, Claire Blondel, who told me that Ron Howard wanted to meet me. I thought I was too young compared to the character in the book, Sophie Neveu. I finally decided not to make the trip, and told my agent that since shooting wasn't starting immediately, if Ron Howard really wanted to meet me, there would be other opportunities.

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