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May 2, 2006   

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'Kareena is wonderful to work with'

It's a very deglamourised role. What made you accept it?

I had raised the glamour quotient a lot in my earlier films with the characters I played. To meet that quotient every time is difficult. Apart from that, I have enjoyed doing comedy earlier and I think it gives more room to exercise my acting talent. Comedy is really tough. It's all about timing. One needs to work hard to get that right. If it works well on screen it does wonders. So far as the audiences enjoy watching me in a funny avatar I don't mind doing it.

Are you going to be doing a lot more comedy?

If I get good comic scripts and opportunities to showcase my talent then I will continue to do so. In the earlier movies I have enjoyed playing comedy roles. However cliched it may sound, I don't want to be typecast as a glam girl or a comedy heroine. I want to experiment with different kind of roles.

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