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Films that created stars

It takes a while to make a mark in films.

Rarely are stars born effortlessly, a la Hrithik Roshan. Most have to struggle gamely through b-movies and cornball dialogues, item numbers and first-time directors. Until a fickle Friday comes along, and they 'make it.'

Here's a look at five films that changed some actors' lives.

Dil Chahta Hai

What can one say about Akshaye Khanna? Vinod's other son, VJ Rahul, was more popular than the man with the receding hairline flailing pathetically through filmdom. But DCH wiped out all traumatic Himalayputra memories.

And while Saif Ali Khan might have made us snigger in Main Khiladi Tu Anari, here's where he shed the effeminate tag and came into his own, with a scene-stealing role.

Text: Raja Sen | Design: Reuben NV

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