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The Dus team is back!

The Dus trio -- Producer Nitin Manmohan, Director Anubhav Sinha and Sanjay Dutt -- is back with another thriller called Tathastu. It supposedly means `Be it as you desire'.

It is a story of a regular couple -- Sanjay Dutt and Amisha Patel. Dutt plays a factory worker earning a measly salary even after 11 years of work. They have been married 9 years, and have an adorable son. Dutt's life changes completely when he finds out his son has a hole in his heart and requires an immediate transplant.

The film is about the misuse and sale of organs in hospitals. The plot appears close to the Denzel Washington-starrer John Q.

Text: Priyanka Jain | Design: Reuben NV

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