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Chaos with Shahid & Kareena

What is it with Priyadarshan and inane comedies? The director churns them out as if on an assembly-line. Add an Akshay Kumar here, and a Paresh Rawal there, and a hit South Indian script -- and voila, there's another Priyan hit.

This time, even as the director's Malamaal Weekly gets ready to release, he decides to persist with Kareena Kapoor (Hulchul, Kyon Ki), add her real-life boyfriend Shahid Kapoor, and compensate for Neha Dhupia's blink-and-miss appearance in Garam Masala by giving her some dialogues.

Which, for Chup Chup Ke, is saying a lot, considering Kareena plays a mute girl and Shahid pretends to be one. Read on to find out what's up in this comedy of errors.

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