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Nagma, the survivor

"I got film offers, took them up, and it became my career. I don't dream. I never dreamt that Tamil Nadu would welcome me with open arms. I never thought that South India would give me so much popularity. I have done a Bengali movie too. I will do a couple of other languages too. I am just going with the flow.

With Bhojpuri I am winning over a new population, which is bigger than the South. It will help in my political career in the future.

I am an instrument of my guru Sri Sri Ravishankarji.

For my second Bhojpuri film Dulhan Milal Dilwali, I got an award. After 1961, this is the first time a Bhojpuri film is getting an award.

I shoot a lot. Sometimes 20 to 22 hours. Last three months have been very busy. Last year I released two movies. That's not good for a heroine. A heroine should have one movie releasing every two months.

I don't know when it is a Sunday. I just work. I don't even know which day of the week today is.

Nothing is more fulfilling than working in films or taking an Art of Living class. The students saw me first as a star. But later, they respected me as a teacher too.

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