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Nagma, the survivor

"I like to do new things rather than remain in the same comfort zone. For growth, and to avoid stagnation, you would want a change.

There is competition everywhere. You should be a leader -- lead a different path altogether and be a trendsetter. I have been a success in whatever I have done. I joined politics. I was offered a seat in Parliament.

I preferred being a party worker as I was not through with movies. If I wanted to become a member of Parliament I would need to give 100 per cent to my constituency -- which I could not at that point of time. So I did not contest elections.

Today I am acting in Bhojpuri films, I don't know what I will be doing tomorrow. The last Tamil movie I acted in was Pista.

I took a break as I was too exhausted after 12 years of continuous work. I joined Art of Living and took classes there.

But I kept my contacts in the film industry alive. I did guest appearances in Hindi movies, music videos -- when everyone was doing them -- and small but significant roles.

I did a couple of Kannada movies with T Vasu. I did a Malayalam movie called Chathurangam with Mohanlal. I started a clothing line called Nagma's. Then I got into politics.

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