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June 28, 2006   

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The greatest Superhero movies. Ever.

The Superhero genre is a crowded one, and while it has much room for mediocrity -- Ang Lee's Hulk comes to mind -- we've seen some truly special examples of caped celluloid magic.

But this is not a list of comic-book movies. Such a list would include gems like Sin City and A History Of Violence. This is all about superheroes, and these are ten must-watch films for any fan.


Guillermo Del Toro's 2004 adaptation of Mike Mignola's dark (albeit bright red) comic hero isn't a spectacular film. It isn't mammoth-budgeted, doesn't have an amazing theme, and has no one particularly memorable scene. Still, it's one of the most authentic recreations of a comic-book character ever seen on screen, and deserves brownie points. A fun watch.

Text: Raja Sen | Design: Reuben

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