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June 22, 2006   

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'Honest actors do not carry the burden of being superstars'

Interview: Archana Masih

Hrithik Roshan likes to inhabit different worlds in different films. In the final part of his exclusive interview, he speaks about being an actor, Aamir Khan and whether he has risked his stardom by being so selective about the films he works in.

When one sees your roles, one feels that you want to reinvent yourself as a performer all the time. Is that perception right?

I try to choose films that are in a world which is very different from the last world I've been in. That becomes a source of a very obvious need to transform into something that I haven't been before. It's a consequence of that so I am very conscious of choosing the right world of film.

You have to choose the best, the highest mountain to climb and hoist your flag on it. I am not so much conscious of the character as the world in which the film lies.

Do you think you have put your stardom at risk by being so selective? Perhaps directors don't come to you now because they think you won't be interested?

First of all, if a director has a script he is very passionate about, nothing will stop him. A truly passionate director will not succumb to the star system and find actors who will reflect his honesty.

Actors who are honest do not carry the burden or the tag or awareness of being a superstar along them. They are honest actors who want to do good work, I am one of them for sure.

Time and again I've done films like Fiza, Na Tum Jano Na Hum, Mujhse Dosti Karoge, the film I've signed with Zoya Akhtar. They are all first time directors.

Fiza was in fact my second film and I signed it not as the main lead, the girl in the film was the main lead.

I've had numerous examples in a career span of six years that should relax and put at ease all directors who might have an instinctive intimidation by the fact that I'm a star and might not like the script.

I've read innumerable scripts -- from the best to the worst. I don't let a single one go by and try and give every single one a chance.

What motivates you as an actor, now that you've tasted so much success?

For an actor it is just encoded in his DNA. His instincts feel charged with the idea of a great drama or the ideal of creating these magical, inspiring moments convincingly. It's translating something close to him on screen to inspire millions.

To just have a vision to have his cinema rise higher and go beyond the ordinary. It's the ambition, passion, the human instinct to strive and realise your ultimate potential. That's what I feel and most actors who are ambitious in this regard feel.

It's not ambition for fame or money. Those are just consequences of the true ambition I've mentioned and a very important part of that world is competition.

Competition is looked upon as something that instills fear. But for me it actually is a very benefiting scenario. Without competition you'd never realise how good you can be. Without competition human beings would never realise their ultimate potential, records would never be broken, the Olympic games would not exist. They exist because human beings have the constant urge to better themselves. It's the only scenario when you have other people who push you to excel.

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