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June 22, 2006   

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How much does Rahul Vaidya earn now?

Amey Date, 26, Indian Idol 2 contestant

I was a singer and was teaching vocals before I participated in Indian Idol 2. Now I am doing stage shows. I am also planning an album. I have sung bits in two movies, Colour Red and Divorce. After Indian Idol people know me so they call me with singing offers like jingles, album songs and stage shows. But I have still not got any big offers as such.

I am doing the album on my own, which I will start recording in two or three months from now. I am managing the finances too; Sony is not helping me with anything. Sony is only making an album with Sandeep Acharya and nobody else.

As the whole contract with Sony was a one-sided affair, they can decide whether they will make an album (with a contestant) or not. And they have decided on not making an album (with Indian Idol 2 contestants, other than the winner).

We only did two-stage shows with Sony BMG. They paid us for the first show and for the second show the payment is still pending. I met (music director) Sandeep Chowta, and he offered me an album with a contract for three years. But I am still confused. Now I am thinking of making it on my own. I called Anuji (Malik, music director) and he has said he would consider giving me work.

I think the struggle has started now. I am only doing very selected work. I am getting singing and acting offers for Marathi movies. People have offered me work as an anchor; but I am not taking them, as I only want to concentrate on singing.

I am earning around Rs 100,000 per month. I have bought a car. But I still live in a rented house. All my loans -- that I took during Indian Idol 2 -- have been repaid.

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