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June 20, 2006   

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'I am an actor, not a stuntman'

Interview: Archana Masih

Hrithik Roshan had a near miss with death while shooting for Krrish.

The actor fell four floors while shooting a scene in Singapore, but was lucky to land on a shop awning, escaping without a scratch.

He spoke about the incident and what he has been doing since making Lakshya almost three years ago in an exclusive interview to Part II of the interview:

Part I: 'Krrish is not really a superhero film'

You had a near miss while shooting. What is it about actors like Aamir Khan and you, why are you so keen on taking risks and being daredevils?

I am not a daredevil. I won't ever take a risk with my life. I think that's absolutely stupid. I am an actor, not a stuntman. If you have to do shots that include a certain amount of risk then you need to train to ensure that all bases are covered.

There are calculated risks that you can take as an actor and that is what I do. I wouldn't just throw myself off a cliff to have a boost for my ego. That comes from an egotistic source when you want to show off. What I did was something I was training for and was supposed to do.

When you talk about a superhero it is an inherent aspect of that persona -- his body language, physical style is what forms the character of a superhero. Spiderman has a particular way of moving, Superman and Batman have a particular style. A stuntman cannot generate that and imitate an actor, he will run and fall and fly the way he would do it, it is something instinctive.

I, on the other hand after training will imbibe a certain amount of style and give it character. So all the movements of Krrish have a certain character which become his identity. Even from a distance when you see him move you know it's Krrish because he moves, jumps, lands and turns in a particular way.

Nobody else could do that so I was supposed to do those stunts myself. Only then I would have consistency in that persona. What happened was a freak accident and nobody could have foreseen that but it all ended well and I didn't have a scratch.

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