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June 19, 2006   

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'The effort is to try and take our cinema to the next level'

Hrithik Roshan in an exclusive interview to

What is the sense you get when you see the trial runs of Krrish?

I am very satisfied that we chose a challenge like Krrish and we've accomplished our mission. I am happy that we have endeavoured to do something nobody else has ever even thought. The effort is to try and take our cinema to the next level.

Krrish is in a lot of ways striving to do that and is doing that. How it does at the box office will show us how successful we've been in that regard.

I think more than the result, it is the effort that counts. It's the fact that we've actually taken the step. In Koi... Mil Gaya, we introduced aliens, spaceships -- aspects which were laughed at before Koi... but it's possible now.

An Indian film hero with a mask and a cape flying around is laughed at when we started the film but the kind of feedback we're getting now, I think we've successfully managed to convincingly portray the persona of the birth of a superhero in Krrish.

Of course, it is a small step in the direction we're planning to go, there's a long long way to go. We find our motivation in every step of the way. We found it in Koi... Mil Gaya so we came up with Krrish, I hope we are motivated enough to go further.

Krrish is a not really a superhero film.

It is the emotional journey of three characters -- of Rohit from Koi..., his son -- Krishna and his grandmother played by Rekha. It's that story and the content of that story that really drives Krrish.

This film is creating the space for the foundation of a superhero. Because it is India and we're not used to this genre of film, it was very important to create a very strong foundation for what can happen in the future. Maybe a part III or part IV.

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