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June 16, 2006   

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Mohanlal is Major Mahadevan

Was it difficult shooting a film in such circumstances?

It was. While we were shooting, there were around 12 blasts in the area. We shot in Srinagar, Gulmarg and many nearby villages. I act as a Major who is promoted to the post of Lt. Colonel in the end.

Was it shocking to be in the middle of all that terrorist activity?

Coming from the south, where we have not seen any war or terrorist activities, it was a shock to be in the middle of so much tension. Until now, I had only read about blasts and terrorism in newspapers.

Today, when I read about a blast in Srinagar, it shakes me more. I now know what terrorism is, but I still cannot understand why so much bloodshed happens there. When we were inside the army camp, I didn't feel any fear. But, after I came back to Kerala and read about terrorist activities, I was scared. I cannot believe I was living in such a place for a month. The element of risk was very high, but I didn't know about those risks while we were there.

What kind of interaction did you have with Indian army personnel?

Security was very tight. Even today, attacks take place in the Cantonment area of Srinagar where we shot many parts of the film. I must say the army supported us a lot. Otherwise, we would not have made the film at all.

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