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'The boys are very beautiful'

July 12, 2006
When Keira Knightley signed up for the first Pirates of the Caribbean adventure, she was just 17. "And a lot has happened since then," she laughs.

Four years after the first film, The Curse of the Black Pearl, Keira and her co-stars -- Johnny Depp as lovable rogue Captain Jack Sparrow and Orlando Bloom as onscreen love Will Turner - are back with the eagerly awaited sequel, Dead Man's Chest.

Martyn Palmer caught up with the young Keira, now 21, and talked about her many movies, her fame and what she likes best about being a star. Excerpts:

You were just 17 when you made the first Pirates film. It was kind of off the radar before it was released...

Totally. Nobody thought it would work. It was based on a theme park ride, it's ridiculous, and a pirate film hasn't worked for 50 years. So, we really didn't have any expectations. But, slowly, as we were going along and Johnny was doing his thing and it looked great, we began to think there was a possibility it could be quite good. It was an amazing thing and totally unexpected.

And more enjoyable for that?

Absolutely. It's great when something gels like that and it's down to Johnny Depp and the director, Gore Verbinski -- they make a really great team. To revive that genre, the pirate movie, is an extraordinary thing to do. I think what they've done is made it very tongue-in-cheek, so it doesn't take itself seriously and captures a spirit of something, this sort of fairytale imaginary world we all want to live in.

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