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Onjolee: I could be gay!

Unconventional is an adjective that best describes Onjolee Nair -- be it her name, her refreshingly forthright attitude or her looks, which are hardly assembly line in the Hindi film industry.

Uncharacteristically mature and tough-talking for her age, this 21-year-old debutante stars in Pooja Bhatt's new film, Holiday, opposite Dino Morea.

Onjolee talks about herself, her first film, and much more.

How would you describe your character Muskaan in Holiday?

I play this 19-year-old, low-on-confidence, college kid who goes to Goa for a holiday. There she meets Dino [Morea], a dance instructor who teaches her to express herself through the medium of dance. With Dino's constant encouragement, she undergoes a personality transformation. It's like the ugly duckling-turned-swan story, except here the focus is on the internal transformation, not physical.

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