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Sameera: Up close

Taxi No 9 2 11 depicts this wonderful chemistry between Nana Patekar and John. They play the Tom and Jerry characters with gusto. It is a fast-paced thriller with emotional undertones.

I play a city girl who is John's girlfriend. We have been paired for the first time and the chemistry on screen is great. We had a lot of fun at his expense during the dance sequence. He took some time to get the steps right. Every time he messed up, he would flash his dimpled smile, and we would break into laughter.

John is unique and unpredictable. He has a spring in his feet and is, at times, outrageous. But he is genuine, and fun to work with. He is so himself that, at times, one feels an awkward affection for him. We have a love for bikes in common.

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