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'Films like Thanmatra just happen'

Not a day passes with Malayalam papers coming out with at least one story about a sex scandal, and they couldn't accept a scene between a husband and wife. Is that not hypocrisy?

According to me, the scene was shot very beautifully, within the parameters of decency. But if we start speaking in support of it, many people may oppose it. Maybe the way we look at morality and they look at morality differs. Anyway, nothing happened to the film after the scene was deleted. In fact, people began coming in large numbers only after that.

But don't you think the real reason behind people liking the film and watching it again and again is because they identify with the characters?

Exactly. There is an undercurrent of unconditional love in all relationships in the film; those belonging to three generations. People clamour that love is lost in today's relationships, between father and son, mother and daughter, grandfather and grandson. But love is still there; it is for you to decide. Blessey has shown love in various forms in a subtle way. The way the entire family -- from his father to son to wife and daughter -- gathers around this sick man with unconditional love.

There is an undercurrent of spirituality as well…

His death in the film can be interpreted in a spiritual sense too. We say a man goes from old age to childhood and thus attains moksha. He has a tiny bell from the temple velichapadu (oracle) on his finger, and dies with that bell on his finger. Maybe, he is attaining moksha.

In most films, when we act, we don't see such meanings in what we do. Rather, we don't realise it. Only when we see it as a continuous film later on do we realise such deep meanings. That is the brilliance of the director. Sometimes, what they try to say comes out with disastrous results. As an actor, we can only do what the director wants. Only the director has a vision of the entire film.

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