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'Films like Thanmatra just happen'

After watching director Blessey's second film Thanmatra, one felt Mohanlal was truly blessed to have got a role like this in his career. Film lovers were also blessed to see such a performance on screen.

Mohanlal, playing an ordinary secretariat employee, is simply outstanding. No parallels can be drawn on his performance as a man afflicted with Alzheimer's in his mid forties, except maybe with his own performance as a kathakali artist in Shaji N Karun's Vaanaprastham. The way he has portrayed the deterioration of his self is so frightening that many panicky viewers have been visiting doctors in Kerala over the last few months.

The first award to reach him for his scintillating performance is the Kerala State Award. In an exclusive interview, Mohanlal, who was recently in Chennai, spoke to Shobha Warrier about the film.

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