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The Buniyaad folks, 18 years later

"Lajoji (Anita Kanwar) ne khaya badaam, usme se nikla Haveliram (Alok Nath), Haveliram ne kholi almaari, usme se nikli Veerawaali (Kiran Juneja), Veerawaali ne khaya paan, usme se nikla Vrushbhaan (Vijayendra Ghatge)."

The words of that short poem we used to recite as children rings in my ears again as I see the classic Buniyaad resurrected on television.

Based on the theme of Partition and its repercussions, 18 years after it was first telecast, Buniyaad is back. On Sahara One.

The mega-serial, produced and directed by Sholay helmer Ramesh Sippy, was first aired in 1986. After that, it has had a couple of reruns, but this time it has been given a high-profile relaunch.

As Buniyaad continues making history on television, we take a look at the people who had become a part of our lives for a very long time. What are they doing now, almost two decades later?

Text: Priyanka Jain | Design: Uday Kuckian

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