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Sumanth: Life is good

On Godavari

The role fell into my lap. I had refused the role in Anand (as I wanted to concentrate on Satyam) but got a second chance with Godavari. It is destiny, perhaps. Sekhar and I are similar, so are our sensibilities -- both of us went to the US, studied in film school there and came back.

Sekhar gave me a bound script -- a rare thing in the Telugu film industry. It was meticulously done with dialogues in Telugu and English. I read it, fell in love with it and wanted to be part of it.

Shooting for Godavari was an experience. A wonderful one. I had a hard time initially, as I was away from home, but it later felt like a home shooting. I feel sad that it's all over. We shot on a boat on the Godavari. I call it the 'Titanic of Tollywood' (fortunately, it didn't sink) as it invariably had 250-300 people (cast and crew) on board. This kind of schedule (almost 100 days) may never happen again. Perhaps a song or so, but not an entire film.

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