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US' favourites, lapped up in India too

Some of the most watched television shows in America are, unsurprisingly, as popular in India. Here's a peek at what the top five shows in the US this week are:

At the top is American Idol, watched by a staggering 33 million viewers in the US last week. It's a spin-off of the UK show Pop Idol, a singing talent contest to find the next big voice.

Interestingly, the show was created by Simon Fuller, the man who also created the Spice Girls.

More interesting is the fact that one of its directors is Bruce Gowers, who directed rock icons Queen's original Bohemian Rhapsody video!

Being the top show has its advantages. Apparently, a mere 30-second commercial on its slot costs a huge Rs 3,17,25,000!

Design: Uday Kuckian

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