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Is Mahatma Gandhi still relevant?

What does it mean to be a Gandhian today?

Urmila Matondkar has answers for everything, as Syed Firdaus Ashraf found out when he met her to discuss her latest film Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Maara.

Urmila shared her experience on doing the film, and her views on the father of the Nation. Excerpts:

Before doing this film, how important was Gandhiji to you? How often would you think of Gandhian philosophy?

From a very young age, I knew about Gandhiji and his philosophy. My parents were very influenced by Gandhiji, and therefore I could understand Gandhiji better after I grew up.

When this film came to me, I thought that I should not do it because lately I have been doing too many serious films.

Eventually, I did this film because I believe in his philosophy and therefore I told myself that I must do it. I also feel ashamed to say that today’s generation feels that this philosophy is not relevant today and one cannot follow it. I feel I happen to be a popular young actress, and I can bring people into theatres to make them listen to Gandhiji’s philosophy. I don’t feel I am such a great person that I can advise or give lectures to people, but I feel I will achieve a lot if I can make today’s generation think Gandhian thoughts.

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