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For me acting, modelling and veejaying are jobs. They are one part of me, but not all of me. What I love most is travelling, because that means meeting new people, seeing new cultures, developing new eating habits.

I recently visited Khajuraho and Sikkim. Sikkim was stunning! I went alone for seven days with a backpack. I used share cabs. It rained all the time and my clothes were always wet. I used to strap my knapsack on the roofs of jeeps. I also went on a long trek in Gangtok.

I didn't know, until then, that Sikkim was famous for its leeches. I was walking in the undergrowth and I thought my shoes were full of caterpillars. Then I realised they were leeches. I had to pull them off. There were neat little bites all over my foot and I learnt a lesson. Next time, wear good shoes in Sikkim!

I also visited the Tibetan border called Nathulla. It was amazing. I saw snow for the first time in my life. I was so excited that I made them stop and I lay down in it. I also went to a village called Lachung in North Sikkim and stayed with a local family.

There was no power and you had to use a hand pump for water. It was so peaceful. You need that peace to cope with the fast life here.

I have always travelled alone. I take the basic precautions by sticking to a group heading in the same direction. I usually stick to families with kids. But single girls should never go out alone by night or accept food from strangers. Even by day, I wouldn't visit some parts of India known to be troublesome. Another precaution: Someone must always know where you are.

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