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The actor-director relationship is like marriage. They're inevitable bedfellows, and everything -- the entire film -- depends on how well they adjust to one another. Often, it ends in divorce, and much messy business, with all dirty linen washed across the tabloids.

Sometimes, however, two people come together who just gel. The minds meet on the same wavelength, and the emerging product seems almost effortlessly cool. This is rare, which is why when a director finds an actor he clicks with, and vice versa, they tend to stick together.

A look at some of Hollywood's finest filmmaking couples:

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp

Once upon a time, Burton, a highly visual storyteller with a decidedly gothic bend of mind, used to have a leading man called Michael Keaton, who starred in all Tim's groundbreaking early work -- from Beetlejuice to Batman.

But when he realised Keaton didn't quite fit into Edward Scissorhands, he struck a friendship with this thespian wunderkind called Johnny. The rest is history, and a history we're glad about.

After the magnificent Edward came their masterpiece, about the worst filmmaker in the world: Ed Wood. This was followed by the creepy tale of Ichabod Crane, headless horseman: Sleepy Hollow.

And now comes Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, a dark reimagining of the Roald Dahl classic, which hits Indian theatres on Friday, September 9.

But this year will also see Corpse Bride, an eerily animated comedy where Depp naturally voices the leading man.

This relationship is the stuff of delicious nightmares, all light and cobwebs.

Text: Raja Sen | Design: Uday Kuckian

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