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From Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan
Double role - Don / Vijay

Khan has been waiting for this face-off his whole life, but it seems like it will always be too soon. While SRK is as cool as it is possible for an actor, nay, a megastar, to be in today's era, it's plain impossible to match up to the sheer magic exuded by Bachchan in the original.

Khan has been trying to work on the style for a very long time now, usually to great effect. With self-crowing songs like I'm the best and Baadshah, he has long been taking a crack at the immortal Mujhe pehchaano feel. He's brilliant, and could pull off one of the finest (and most applauded) 'entries' in Bollywood history with a canvas like this, but the whole film seems too much of an ask.

Unless it's a spoof, in which case King Khan will nail it. We suspect, however, that such is not the case.

SRK, dude, you rock and all, but being the World's Best Rahul doesn't make you Vijay.

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