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Among the few things movie critics universally agree on is the generalisation that sequels are not a good idea.

Several dozen films about an increasingly muscular Vietnam vet, or tales of never-ending successions of heists are spawned constantly by Hollywood, in attempts to shove hits down our throats. As many times as possible.

Be Cool, starring Uma Thurman and John Travolta, opens with a dialogue where a movie producer ridicules the loathsome concept of sequels. A follow-up to Get Shorty, the new film just succeeds in living tragically up to its own joke.

We've seen some painful sequels in recent times, like Meet The Fockers and Miss Congeniality 2, and more are bound to follow over the next few weeks.

This piece, however, is in defence of the volume twos of the world. Despite the me-too banality, some follow-ups have been brave efforts. Re-inventing characters, staying fresh despite the restrictions of familiarity. And they have worked.

Here's a look at 10 sequels that were better than their originals.

Design: Rahil Sheikh | Text: Raja Sen

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