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Aamir Khan is irresistible to women, and his various looks are a testimony to the versatility with which he woos our heroines.

Here are what some of Aamir's co-stars had to say about him:

Manisha Koirala

Aamir and I have worked together in Mann, and one of my favourite films, Akele Hum Akele Tum.

He is one of our finest actors. He is extremely gutsy to state that he will only do one film at a time. He is one of the big actors, and really sought after. For him to make a decision like this is amazing. It requires a lot of self-restraint and courage! What happens if, God forbid, your film flops? In this industry, people have short memories, and you are as good as your last film. And he's taken that risk, hats off to him!

He is a very fine actor. One of the very best in the industry today, if not the best. I admire his guts, his talent, his diligence... And then there's his keenness. He is constantly eager for more.

And he's a prankster! He likes to have fun on the sets, lots of laughs and jokes. He is a light-spirited person, and likes to smile and have fun. Which is good. You can see a serious -- a very serious -- side of Aamir, and you can see a very light side of Aamir, which is great. The balance is great.

He is consistently excited about the different ways to do a shot. A lot of 'should we do it like this?' and 'should we do it like that?' And he goes on and on! Dialogues, scenes: he's always thinking about the best way to do it. But he does it in such a pleasant way that you don't mind doing it again and again and again.

I feel a really good energy from him while he is working.

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