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Part II: 'Aamir pulled me out of the rut'

Somebody like Gangadin -- who asks Kachra (in Lagaan) 'Tumhari jaat kya hai' -- is the one to give the first knock. I didn't want to get into this because I didn't want to get into the violence aspect, which I didn't want to touch. So it stays on a humorous, discussive level and in a way where people transform easily.

Mohan Bhargava (in Swades) does an education montage and in the second half of the movie you have the sarpanch sending his daughter to school.

It is a simplistic solution, but simplistic because I want to get on with it. I have too often left a film with a question raised, with a director saying: 'Here's a question, you give it a thought.' Which is not what I want to do. I want to give my solution myself which is very simplistic in nature.

You can slot it as idealism but I take great pleasure in assuming that you are going through what Mohan Bhargava went through in the film. Each one of us. That is an assumption I would like to make for everyone -- that even we react to children selling tea. I am trying to trigger that side of us: What can we do?

Have we ever stopped to ask 'Ramdin, who is this? Is this your son? Why isn't he in school?' We don't ask because we think he might say -- 'Bhai, mind your own business.'

A scene from Swades

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Part II: 'Aamir pulled me out of the rut'

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