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Part I: 'We don't look back in anger any more'

Inspired by Swades, a bunch of boys from Ashutosh Gowariker's native Kolhapur in Maharashtra built a long needed road for themselves. Medical students from Dhaka came to him and requested him to bring his film to Bangladesh.

For many, the film raised questions about their contribution to India, and the director tells Senor Features Editor Archana Masih in an exclusive interview that he takes great pleasure in assuming that some people went through what his hero Mohan Bhargava (played by Shah Rukh Khan) went through in Swades.

There is no cynicism and an idealism you project very sensitively in Swades.

I am not cynical because I like to look at the positive, brighter aspects and move on. Even in Lagaan (image above), I touched upon it very lightly. We are playing cricket and don't have a 11th player, and Kachra comes in. So we touched upon the most glaring issue in the 1890s -- untouchability.

You will be surprised that be it 1893 or 2005, the problem exists in a huge way. In fact, now it has taken violent forms.

If you don't find the film cynical is the reason I have created a village which is very Chandamama (the children's magazine of the 1960s and 1970s), Malgudi Days. In reality if an NRI comes into a village and starts asking questions about how the village structure is, the first thing you get is a lathi on your head.

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Part I: 'We don't look back in anger any more'

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