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I remember I was at the Enrique concert in Mumbai. I was inching my way through the crowds towards the stage because Enrique was about to sing Hero. And then I get a call from Mr Chopra and he said, 'Hello Vidya. You are my Parineeta.'

I couldn't hear him because of the crowd. I asked if I could call back. Dada came on the line and said I should get out from the crowd. I caught hold of my friend's hand and ran out. I needed him to push people aside so that I could run out. I was told I had got the role. It was such a beautiful and unforgettable moment.

I've enjoyed watching Mumtaz and Sharmila Tagore in their wigs and the way they drape their saris with the short pallus and churidar kurtas. Getting into all that -- since Parineeta is set in the 1960s -- was very interesting for me. I am very comfortable wearing saris. I used to wear them a lot in my ads!

I feel my character Lalita is the epitome of womanhood. She is very sensitive, sharp and resilient. She can bounce back after a crisis. She's also steadfast to her commitment to love. Even if she is not happy, she spreads happiness.

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