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What were your first thoughts on seeing Black?

You feel so inadequate in expressing your feelings after seeing the film. All of us were numbed into silence. The purity, finesse and flawnessness of the film bowl you over. Several emotional moments happen in life, and these make you a better human being. All of us who have seen the film feel we've undergone an experience beyond words.

Your wife Jaya thinks this is arguably your best performance to date?

There's nothing in Black that I've done before -- not a single scene or shot! As an artiste, I feel extremely satisfied. I've never

felt this way before. It put me in touch with emotions within me that I had never touched before. The hard edges and hidden corners inside tend to remain unexplored. Black got me to explore those emotions. Yes, I've been doing mainstream escapist cinema all along, some of it of a fairly high quality.

But somewhere you feel there could've been better aesthetics. Black is such a welcome relief. It has salvaged me as an actor. Everything from its exceptional background score by Monty to the cinematography by Ravi Chandran is beyond anything seen in our cinema.

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