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I've forgotten the word 'unwind'! The last few days have been really stressful because of interviews. From a small town in Kerala to Subhash Ghai's next release, it's quite a job!" Isha Sharvani exclaims.

But can one really blame the world for wanting to know who this girl is?

She is, after all, Subhash Ghai's new heroine.

The 20 year old who lives at an ashram in Kerala is trained in gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, ballet, kathak, aerial dance and more. She started dancing at seven and has already performed in 22 countries in the last seven years!

Her mother is dancer Daksha Seth, her father Australian composer Vissaro. How did Isha get her last name? "All three of us have different surnames. My parents believe I don't belong to them," she explains. "I am an individual in my own right. Isha means Goddess and Sharvani means Parvati. So my name means Goddess Parvati, who is married to the God of dance! My mom chose my first name and my aunt chose my last name."

Luckily for her, Ghai did not choose her new Bollywood name, thanks to his 'M' superstition. "He did not want to change my name," she explains. "I don't think he's really superstitious about the M factor. But I was given a choice, as there are two Ishas in Bollywood -- Isha Koppikar and Esha Deol. But I didn't feel right about changing my name."

On the eve of her first movie release, Isha chats with Ronjita Kulkarni about Kisna and lots more.

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