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Actress-turned-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt's new film Rog released on January 7. It stars Irrfan and Ilene Hamann.

Pooja chats with Patcy N about her new film, and much more.

Tell us about Rog.

Rog is an unusual story. It has deceit, murder, and relationships -- love and passion. It stars an unusual actor like Irrfan, who the country has gone blue in the face praising, but hasn't had the courage to cast him in the lead role!

The combination of Irrfan and Ilene Hamann is exciting because it will make the layman feel that if Irrfan could get her, so could he.

Rog is made on a Rs 3.5 crore budget. It is not a serious, cerebral film. It is sexy and witty, with a lot of twists.

Will Rog work?

That is not for me to decide. But let me tell you, people said Jism would not work because it was bold. But it worked. Everyone was sure that Paap would work, but it didn't. So one can't say. But I want to have fun with my films. I want to launch at least one new talent -- be it an actor, a director, scriptwriter or the cameraman! I have done seven films so far, and in each film, I have launched two or three people.

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