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Two time National Award winner Shobhana (for the Malayalam film Manichitrathazhu and the English film Mitr: My Friend) has been concentrating more on dance performances than movies of late. After a long gap, she acted in a Malayalam film called Mambazhakalam opposite Mohanlal last year.

This year, the actress will be seen in National Award winning director Jayaraj's next, Makalkku. Shobhana plays a destitute, mentally deranged woman who says only one word in the entire film: killeri.

Jayaraj described Shobhana's performance as outstanding. Just before leaving for Kuwait for a dance performance, Shobhana spoke to Shobha Warrier.

You are very choosy about roles these days. What attracted you to Makalkku?

Ever since I saw Jayaraj's Desadanam, I have always wanted to work with him. In the past, when he wanted me for one or two films, it did not click for various reasons. So I was curious about what he wanted me to do because there are not many opportunities for somebody of my mental maturity.

When Jayaraj first said he wanted me only for four days, I thought I didn't have much to do in the film. But then, I knew Jayaraj always worked to a plan.

He wanted only four days?

Yes, usually, that would put off any artiste. You may feel, 'What can anybody do in four days' time?' Knowing Jayaraj, I didn't take it lightly. I listened to the story, and when he narrated it, it didn't seem like it was a heroine-oriented film.

I don't look for heroine-oriented films. I look at a film as the larger plan. It matters to me if I can go about enhancing a good film. The main thing in the film is not the performer but the director. The performer is just a tool. You can turn out a fantastic performance and it can be absolutely erased on screen if it is not handled well.

I felt it was a different role for me, a tricky role. Then, I thought, let me do my basic homework; but I didn't! That was mainly because I don't belong to that category. I am busy, and I am not trained to do homework before. I belong to that tradition of artistes who don't do homework. I am a commercial artist who generally goes from set to set.

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