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Tell us about the first scene you shot for Black.

It was a shot in Shimla. Our first schedule was there. You see the shot in the promo, when I stretch out my hand and the snowflakes fall. That was the first scene I shot for Black.

You had no reference points for this film. Therefore, playing a blind, deaf and dumb character must have required training specific to the film...

Actually, it wasn't during the film. It was a year before the film started that I had to learn sign language in order to get the fluency in my fingers. It is the language with which the deaf/blind communicate, and I had to reach a comfort level with my fingers in order to manage 'speaking' with them as casually as this (normal conversation).

The other thing was sitting with them, talking to them, communicating with them -- how they sit, how they stand, how they walk, how they talků The way they communicate with each other was very important.

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