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Naseeruddin Shah plays Cyrus, a Parsi projectionist with a picture-perfect family: Shernaz (Sarika), his beautiful, dependable wife; Parzan (Parzan Dastur), his cricket-obsessed 10-year-old son; and Dilshad, (Pearl Barsiwala) his adorable eight-year-old daughter.

The Ahmedabad family's warm comfort is suddenly shattered when the Sabarmati Express is set on fire, and 58 Hindus are killed. But it all seems distant, as the news plays on the radio and life ticks along as usual. But the kids smell fear when coming home from school, as the rickshaw-driver is asked if he is carrying any Muslims.

Soon, the world is rife with blood as thousands of fanatics out on an insane rampage. Shernaz is home with the kids when the attack takes place, and Cyrus is trying desperately to reach them. She manages to escape with Dilshad, but they don't know where Parzan is.

The innocent family loses its son, and lives in constant fear, longing and even -- increasingly impossible -- hope.

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