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We have heard the film is based on the English film The Hot Chick.

I request those who are saying it to see the Hollywood version before dropping in for Mr ya Miss. It's very sad that each time a new film is about to hit the screen, people fall over themselves to find out if it has any remote resemblance to any Hollywood manufacture. Filmmakers are humans and there is bound to be similarity of thoughts. I shall be grateful to the audience if they can just evaluate my film as it is without attempting to compare it with some Hollywood film.

The film's plot which has a man reincarnating as a woman seems quite an interesting one though oft repeated.

Yeah. The film tells a tale of a man, Sanjay, the usual philandering type, who after death finds the door of heaven closed on him. Since the gods think hell too is an unworthy place for him, he is given a second chance to visit earth but only as a woman. Thereafter, Sanjay becomes Sanjana, his fictitious long lost sister. The plot unravels through a series of comic situations before leading to the hilarious denouement. I have every reason to believe that the film will have the audience in splits.

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