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I might as well say it. You have heard all of this before. So have your parents. So, possibly, have theirs. And the fault lies with the Rolling Stones. For continuing to do what they began 45 years ago.

The Stones came into being in 1961, when former school friends Mick Jagger and Keith Richards met Brian Jones, who named the band after a Muddy Waters song. It was the year American scientists Charles H Townes and Arthur L Schawlow patented the laser. Belgium granted independence to the Congo. America launched the first weather satellite. Cyprus became an independent republic. And much of the land making up the state of Bombay was divided into Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Four decades on, nothing on our planet has stayed the same. Except the Stones who, sticking out their tongues at age and time, rock on.

Text: Lindsay Pereira | Photographs: Getty Images | Design: Uday Kuckian

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