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How different was acting in 19 Revolutions and Appudu Appudu?

It took me some time to understand Telugu. Although I am from Andhra, English happens to be my language. Acting in 19 Revolutions, therefore, came naturally to me. It was a wonderful experience.

You did Black after that?

When the offer came, all I could say was wow! Acting in a film with Mammootty was the highest point of my career. Renjith, the film's director, told me I was to play a de-glamorised village girl with no make up. I asked, why me. I was the girl who screams on television in English and wears weird clothes! Renjith replied, `Because you have a very Dravidian face'. I gave everything to the film. I cried when I had to. Without glycerine.

How was it acting with Mammootty and watching him perform?   

He must be close to 56 but his face glows with youth. It's amazing. I asked myself, why does not my skin glow like that? Mammootty didn't have any airs. He is a wonderful person. It was a pleasure working with him.

Had he seen you on SS Music?

Yes. When he saw me, he asked Renjith, `Are you sure you want this mad girl who screams on television'. `Why do you scream on television,' he asked me. `That's the way I am,' I replied. Thereafter, he turned very protective about me. He even told me that I look like Nandita Das. I took it as a compliment because Nandita is so beautiful. I got plenty of Malayalam film offers after Black, but I decided to be choosy.

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