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When did you realise you are the most popular VJ on SS Music?

I don't know (laughs).

Come, be honest.

(Laughs louder) When I went to Kerala to shoot for Black with Mammootty, people did not treat me like a debutante. I was SS Music's VJ Shriya. I was paid the same respect as any other actor. That is when I realised SS Music's popularity in Kerala. It was a beautiful feeling. SS music is like my baby now. I have to do well. I have to be the best. The moment I feel I am going down, I will quit. I have decided that.

How did your first Telugu movie offer come? Were you excited?

I was very excited. My parents were not too happy with me acting in films. I signed the contract when my father was asleep. He was very angry to know about it. But he is very proud of me now.

Whenever somebody invites him to a function, they tell him, please bring your daughter along. One day, he asked me, what's happening to these people.

Appudu Appaudu, my first Telugu film, didn't do well. Because of my father's aversion to my acting in films, I didn't work for a year. After that, I did an English film 19 Revolutions directed by Chicago-based Shridhar Reddy. I played a rich girl who wanted to rob her father. It is an intellectual film which helped me ascertain my acting capabilities. The movie did very well in the US.

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