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Most men across the country aren't particularly fond of John Abraham. That, while unfair, is inevitable, simply because he's dating the droolworthy Bipasha Basu. And we're all jealous as hell.

The sizzling actress now stars in Barsaat, with Priyanka Chopra and Bobby Deol.

Bips spoke to Chief Correspondent Syed Firdaus Ashraf about her newest film, why she is particular about money and what defines glamourous and sexy for her. Excerpts:

Barsaat is a love story of two women who love Bobby Deol. His character is called Aarav, and I play Anna Virvani. I am born and brought up in South Africa.

Anna is from an affluent family, but not a spoilt girl. She only has her grandfather, (played by) Shakti Kapoor, in her life. She is from a rich family and (her character) has no negative shades.

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