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Unfortunately, sometimes you do realise that you're in the middle of a bad film, but you've gone too far into the project to back out. So then you just want to finish it and get out of it. When someone narrates a film it's totally different, but when the actual shooting starts, so much stuff is changed…

I loved Black. I loved the guts of the filmmaker to take a subject like that and make it on such a big scale. Basically Black, in my honest opinion, was made for commercial success as well. So the filmmaker, while making good cinema, he also understood that this is what the audience wants. So Black had consistent drama throughout it, whereas Khamoshi was a more honest film. It didn't care so much about the audience and commercial considerations.

Good films always get appreciated, but they don't necessarily get the results in the box-office. But films like Dil Se and Khamoshi -- it's upsetting when those films don't do so well.

I basically enjoy films where the filmmaker isn't following a routine style of narration. If there's something experimental about the concept or the narrative or the structure, I tend to enjoy those projects a lot more. For example, Ram Gopal Varma keeps on experimenting with different subjects and styles, yet manages to consistently give his films a good 'feel.'

As an actress also you get the scope to perform differently from what you've done before. The director is there to work with you, not to repeat the clichés and it gives you a cleaner field to let your artistic expression shine.

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