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Do you prepare yourself for a role, or are you a spontaneous actress?

I am spontaneous, but for Sachein I made sure that I learnt my dialogues before the shoot.

For the climax, my director insisted that I learn my lines by heart and I had to speak them without being prompted. And I surprised myself by speaking all the lines! I loved playing Shalini so much that I wanted to do it very well.

If I get more roles like Shalini, I will do anything to learn the language (Tamil)!

How will you celebrate if Sachein becomes a hit?

I will be on the top of the world! The film has that kind of potential. It is a lovely, feel good film.

How was it shooting as a young girl with Amitabh Bachchan in the Parker ad, and then cricketer Srikkanth in the Fair And Lovely ad?

I was scared because it (Parker) was my first ad. I wasn't even the first choice for the ad. I got a call at 4 pm asking me to meet a production house for an ad with Mr Bachchan. My college exams were after two days, so I refused. But they were insistent. So I met Mansoor Khan, the director of the ad film. He said that I was really good, and he liked me. I met the producer at 6 pm the same day, and they did a small screen test because I hadn't worked before and I didn't even have good pictures clicked.

At 10 pm, I got a call saying that I was selected and I had to shoot the next day. I was not in awe of Mr Bachchan but I was scared. Above all, I had no idea what shooting was all about. Mr Bachchan helped me by saying, 'This girl is good, her expressions are spontaneous,' etc. When the producer said they had to show more of Bachchan, he said, 'Show the girl. She is doing a good job. It will help the ad.' It was really nice of him. We finished the ad in one day.

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