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What made you take up Sachein?

From the first time I heard the script, I loved my character because she is not used just for glamour. She has a vital role in the film. I was signed three months before they started shooting.

Shalini (her character) is very much like Genelia. She is a typical college-going Tamil girl with no airs. She is fashionable but not over-fashionable. She is innocent.

How was the experience of acting opposite top star Vijay?

Vijay never acted like a star. I never felt I was acting with such a big star; he was just like any other hero.

He was very down to earth and a professional. I have become his fan! Not because of his acting, because I have seen only Khushi. I'm his fan because of the person he is.

Any interesting incidents while shooting Sachein?

The entire shooting was memorable. We used to finish two-three scenes in a day; it was that fast.

Vijay says 'arrey' in the film several times, and he says it in such a way that it used to make me laugh. I am supposed to remain serious when he says 'arrey' and I would burst out laughing, and we would have to shoot all over again. He says it so naughtily and cutely. Till the end, I didn't get used to him saying that.

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