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Boys was a success, but you opted to act in Telugu and not Tamil. Why?

Actually, I had committed to do certain films in Telugu even before the release of Boys. Immediately after Boys, I had an unexpected hit in Telugu, called Satyam. People really appreciated my work. So I decided to make hay when the sun shines!

I enjoy working in Telugu. It is immaterial to me in which language I work. I have to enjoy what I am doing and where I'm appreciated.

Not much appreciation from the Tamil film industry?

I got better offers from Telugu and my work was appreciated more there. Actually, even now, after a year and a half, when I came to Tamil Nadu to listen to the narration of Sachein, there were people who called me Harini (the name director Shankar had given her during the making of Boys). I didn't even imagine that anyone would recognise me after so long.

You are back to your real name, Genelia. Were you uncomfortable in a different name?

I didn't choose to change my name; Shankar did. I was a newcomer then. But in Telugu, I was introduced as Genelia even in Boys, and people in the remotest area in Andhra Pradesh also pronounce my name perfectly.

Yes, there is a comfort level with your own name!

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