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Talking about the makeover, she says, "I still remember when Jassi was launched on September, 2003. I was put up in a hotel in Powai (in north-central Mumbai) and had an army of security guards protecting me. I was told not to go out without them otherwise I would be mobbed!"

She adds, "Before I never felt odd since people didn't recognise me. Now, I feel embarrassed because everywhere I go people stare at me and click my photograph to show the new-look Jassi to their friends!"

Which part of the makeover did she enjoy the most? "Shooting for a daily soap is extremely difficult. The shift starts at 7 am and goes on till 9 pm! Once, I was asked to go to a parlour and get a haircut! It was 10 pm then, and I had to report for work next day at 7 am! I couldn't even enjoy my new hairstyle simply because I never got the time. But I'm enjoying my gradual change -- the hairstyle changed first, the clothes were next in line and finally the braces and the glasses."

Before deciding on the hairstyle, the hairdressers tried out all possible combinations -- curly, straight and tomboyish -- and then finally decided on the new one.

"But my hairstyle will not remain constant. Though the basic look will be the same, the hairstyle will change," she says.

Jassi's worst nightmare of sitting in a dentist's chair came true when she had to remove her braces. "Believe it or not, I always wore braces. That was one of the main reasons why I got this role. For the makeover, I had to go to a dentist and get my braces removed," she says.

Jassi has also become a regular visitor to the gym after the makeover. "All this time, I have been surviving on aloo parathas and rajma, which is why I put on weight. I want to get rid of the extra fat."

She used to get SMS messages regularly complimenting her on the new look. During the transformation, she had to be very careful to look different from the rest of the cast in Jassi. She couldn't look like Mallika (Rakshanda Khan) or Pari (Maninee De).

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