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In King of Bollywood, actor Om Puri is going to do something he has never done before.

He is going to wear 17 wigs, 37 costumes; and sing and dance around trees. A garish poster of his film which opens in India, UK and South Africa on September 24, is pasted on a door in his home in suburban Mumbai. Had his four-year-old son had his way, the posters would have been stuck all over the house. Puri's wife Nandita somehow cajoled Ishan into posting only one.

"It's a fun film, riot, absolute comedy, over the top," says Puri, "this film is a satire on films, how Bollywood makes films and how stars behave."

Shot primarily in London and bits in India, the film also features British model Sophie Dhal, grand-daughter of the celebrated writer Roald Dahl. In the role of a half-India-half-British documentary filmmaker, Dahl as Crystal Chaurasia comes to India to make a film on this great star Karan Kumar better known as KK, gets involved in the movie industry and is finally roped in as a heroine opposite KK's son.

The film tells the story of an aging superstar who refuses to retire and accept that his days of glory are long over.

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Interview: Archana Masih
Design: Uday Kuckian

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