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Srikkant stormed into the Tamil film scene with Rojakoottam, an unprecedented and unexpected success. Success after success followed. Though they weren't as big a hit as Rojakoottam was, all his films did decent business. He was given epithets like the 'safe bet' and the 'reliable star'.

He was also the new romantic hero, a darling of young girls.

But Srikkant was unsatisfied, and hungry for more. Whatever he had achieved as a romantic hero was not enough for him. He wanted to test new waters. He wanted to become an action hero.

"The decision to move from romantic hero to action hero was intentional," he says. "I felt I was getting stuck with my romantic image. I needed a break from that. If you look at the career graph of most actors, you will find that they move from being chocolate heroes to action heroes."

Interview: Shobha Warrier
Design: Uday Kuckian

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