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Hrithik Roshan

This picture is a favourite for both of us. Other photographers started copying this style and it became a benchmark picture. It was a day before the premiere of Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai. It was meant to be a reference picture for Filmfare, but turned out into something else.

Hrithik is very punctual. At 7 am, (designer) Rocky S, Hrithik's makeup man and Hrithik were at the studio. We rushed to Madh Island and shot many pictures in a lot of costumes. Finally, he wore the suit that Rocky S designed for Hrithik to wear to the premiere. I told Hrithik the suit was stunning, and asked him to get into the water.

Rocky started yelling at me. And before we knew it, Hrithik was already in the water! He started posing and freaking out, even though, it was salt water and so the suit could not be used again.

I don't remember how many frames I shot that day. It was difficult selecting pictures, so I took Hrithik and Suzanne's help. But even they could not decide. But eventually, we decided on this photograph.

Hrithik is very easy to shoot. I met him for the first time during the shooting of the song, Pyaar ke kasti main in Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai. I have done quality, not quantity, work with Hrithik.

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